Juan Almeida Net Worth And His Heroic Movement For the Cuban people

You may have heard the name Juan Almeida Bosque from your history teachers. This late famous Cuban politician was a commander of an insurgent force in the Cuban Revolution.

Juan Almeida is much admired by common people and politicians for his heroic movement for the Cuban people. He was awarded numerous national and international awards and got some prestigious titles like Hero of the Republic of Cuba.

juan almeida net worth
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Now, let’s dive into more about Juan Almeida’s story, his early and personal life, and how he became the most popular face in Cuba.

Facts About Juan Almeida Bosque

Celebrated NameJuan Almeida
Real Name/Full NameJuan Almeida Bosque
Birth Date17th February 1927
HeightNot disclosed by him
WeightNot disclosed by him
Sexual orientationNot disclosed by him
Marital StatusNot disclosed by him
Wife/Spouse (Name)Not disclosed by him
ChildrenNot disclosed by him
Dating/Girlfriend (Name)Not disclosed by him
ProfessionPolitician, Military Personnel, Songwriter
Net Worth in 2021Not disclosed by him

Juan Almeida Bosque’s Early Life

Havana was the birthplace of Juan Almeida Bosque. This Cuban politician was born on 17th February 1927. However, details about his parents’ names and siblings haven’t been disclosed.

At the age of 11, he left school just to become a bricklayer. In 1952, while he was a law student at the University of Havana, Juan came in contact with another famous revolutionary Fidel Castro.

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In March of the same year, Juan enter the anti-Batista movement.

Juan Almeida, Fidel, and his brother Raul Castro were accused of physical violence at Santiago’s Moncada Barracks in 1953. Later he and the Castro brothers were sentenced to prison in the Isle of Pines. 

On May 15, 1955, he received amnesty, was set free from prison, and moved to Mexico.

Juan Almeida Bosque’s Personal Life

Juan Almeida’s personal life including his relationship status, whether he got married or not, did he have kids, is still a mystery to the public and the media.

In terms of controversy, Juan was busy doing the movement to free the Cuban people from Fulgencio Batista’s rule, so, you can say he hadn’t any time for making any.

Juan Almeida Bosque’s Career

Juan Almeida was directly involved in the anti-Batista movement. After getting arrested for the violence in Santiago, he went to Isle of Pines prison with Fidel Castro. He was freed from prison on May 15, 1955, and went to Mexico.

When Juan and Castro brothers came back to Cuba, they became the companion of Che Guevara and 78 other revolutionaries for the Granma Expedition. And sadly only 12 out of 78 people survived the landing. Juan Almeida was one of the 12 people.

On this journey, Juan got well-known among the revolutionaries because of his yelling “No one here gives up!” Later Cuban people made these words their slogan to set the revolution at the highest level. However, some sources believe that it’s Camilo Cienfuegos’s spoken words, not Almeida’s.

Juan Almeida was also a skilled marksman, a person who is good at shooting precisely using projectile weapons. After landing, Juan and other fighters kept on fighting with Fulgencio Batista and his force in the Sierra Maestra mountain range.

Juan became the Commander and head of the Santiago Column of the Revolutionary Army in 1958. Since Juan Almeida was an Afro-Cuban holding a strong position, he contributed to the rebellion’s break with the discriminatory past of the Cuban people.

In January 1959, the Cuban people won against Fulgencio Batista’s force due to the sacrifice of the revolutionaries. And undoubtedly Juan Almeida played a huge role in this triumph.

In April 1961, during the Invasion of the Bay of Pigs, Juan was promoted to General and was selected as a member of the Central Committee and Political Bureau.

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Juan Almeida Bosque’s Age, Height, and Weight

On September 11, 2009, Juan died from a heart attack. He was 82 years old when he was deceased. In Plaza de la Revolucion, located in Havana, a memorial ceremony was organized on September 13 to honor his departed soul and thousands of people attended the event.

Regarding Juan’s height and weight, again this information wasn’t disclosed by him.

Juan Almeida Net worth and Salary

Juan Almeida Bosque’s net worth hasn’t been published by the media or by his family. Since Juan was a successful politician holding an upper position, a songwriter, and an author, it seems like his salary and net worth were well-satisfactory.

Juan Almeida Bosque’s Awards and Achievements

Juan Almeida was not only a popular rebel among the Cuban people but also got admired by prominent persons like Fidel Castro, President of Vietnam for his fighting spirit.

(1) He became the Vice-President of the Cuban Council of State due to his popularity.

(2) Juan Almeida received several national and international awards.

(3) Fidel Castro awarded Juan with the title “Hero of the Republic of Cuba” in 1998.

(4) Juan’s written song “Dame un traguito” was a hit among the Cuban people for years.

(5) After Juan’s death, the President of Vietnam wrote a message about how Juan Almeida was a good friend of the Vietnamese people and how he contributed to maintaining the solidarity between the two nations.

(6) Cuban government declared a national day of mourning for Juan Almeida’s death.

(7) Juan Almeida got a military funeral near Santiago de Cuba’s mountains, where he fought bravely with the Batista’s force.

(8) He wrote books on prison life, exile, disembarkation, revolution, etc. and they are studied by enthusiasts as well as students of politics.