Hard Rock Nick Net Worth: How Rich Is The Influencer?

Today’s life story will surely call your attention. Do you know someone who has no permanent job yet leads a lavish lifestyle?

Well, we know someone who is exactly the same. And he is none other than Instagram celebrity and influencer Hard Rock Nick. This 44-year-old No job IG celebrity’s net worth is around $800 thousand!

hard rock nick net worth
Image: Instagram

Hard Rock has 137k followers on Instagram as of April 2022. He got well-recognized among audiences for uploading photos of his pursed-lip with captions on it. If you have time to visit his Instagram profile, you will see him posting how good he is at everything and bragging about his luxurious life.

Are you curious to know more about this Instagram influencer? Then keep on reading.

Facts About Hard Rock Nick

Celebrated NameHard Rock Nick
Real Name/Full NameNicholas Rock Johansen
Birth Date17th June 1977,
BirthplaceLas Vegas, Nevada
Weight78 Kg
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/Spouse (Name)Eliz Humptin
ChildrenNot disclosed by him
ProfessionInstagram Influencer
Net Worth in 2021$800 thousand

Hard Rock Nick’s Early Life

Hard Rock Nick’s real name is Nicholas Rock Johannsen. Born on 17th June 1977 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Hard Rock grew up in Manhattan Beach in California.

We found that Hard Rock’s mother is Greek and his father was Swedish. But information about his education and how his childhood went are still a secret to his fan and followers.

Hard Rock Nick’s Personal Life

Hard Rock Nick is happily married to Eliz Humptin. Further information about Eliz is not available on the internet.

hard rock nick
Image: Instagram

It seems like Hard Rock maintains a low profile when it comes to sharing personal information. Whether Eliz and Hard Rock have kids together or their marriage life is smooth or rocky, is unknown to the media.

However, richupdates.com claims in their published article about Hard Rock Nick that he once changed his name in 2016 though he didn’t show any cause. Also, they wrote in that article that Hard Rock’s committed crimes like fraud and identity theft (which are unavailable on the internet) went viral.

Soon after publishing this article, Hard Rock’s attorney James Grant sent an email to RichUpdates, claiming all the information given in this article about his client Hard Rock is fake and accused Hard Rock’s ex-wife of slandering his client’s name.

Other than that, Hard Rock has no negative controversies around him.

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Hard Rock Nick’s Age, Height, and Weight

Hard Rock Nick’s current age is 44. He is 1.77m tall and his weight is 78 Kg.

Hard Rock Nick Net Worth and Salary

Some sources claim that Rock Hard Nick’s net worth is $800 thousand. Whereas famouspeopletoday.com stated that Nick’s net worth is close to $350 million. Sharing his net worth with followers, Nick wrote an Instagram post in January 2019 “Worth a good $350 million not counting the house I live in.”

hard rock nick nft
Image: Instagram

Since Nick’s main profession is being an Influencer 24/7, he has to promote different brands on his platform. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nick earns a huge amount of money just by showing his face and exaggerating about his life.

Hard Rock Nick’s Career

Hard Rock posted his first picture on Instagram in October 2015. But he got the media exposure in 2019 because of Chrissy Teigen, a supermodel.

Chrissy found Hard Rock on Instagram. She noticed Rock’s Instagram posts were quite funny and entertaining. But luck was on his side when Chrissy Teigen shared a few of his comments from her page.

Hard Rock Nick appeared two times at the JASON ELLIS SHOW as a guest in 2019, which was aired on Sirius XM channel 103. Another time, he was featured in the 11th season of tosh.0’s 1st episode. 

Hard Rock is heavily trolled both by the audience and by popular influencers, as they don’t like the way he talks and behaves on Instagram. One such influencer is Pyrocynical who mocked Hard Rock over his statement that he doesn’t attract to “non-caucasian” women.

Didn’t we say Hard Rock loves to brag about his life? One post from his Instagram profile where he wrote the list of material achievements he achieved including “average 1 Amazon package per week”, and “almost 300 pounds but carry it like I’m 210 pounds” went viral.

He has his own Youtube channel with 13.3k subscribers. Hard Rock described himself on his Youtube account as the Real Estate Mogul and famed Hotelier. In his Instagram bio caption, he wrote himself as Hotel & Casino Mogul, Forbes top 100, 2022.

Hard Rock Nick’s Awards and Achievements

(1) Hard Rock Nick hasn’t achieved or been nominated for awards yet.

(2) His Youtube channel got close to 950,000 views so far.

(3) Hard Rock sponsored various brands on his Instagram and Youtube channel.

(4) He appeared in a few shows including JASON ELLIS SHOW and tosh.0.

Hard Rock Nick’s Recent Activities

Rock Hard Nick is now a full-time Youtuber and Instagram Influencer. He is currently busy making content for his followers. If you check out his Youtube channel, you will see him uploading videos every week. Recently, Nick joined TikTok and Facebook to spread his popularity across the globe.