Braveheart (1995) Celebrities Then And Now

A grand historical battle drama film, Braveheart, was released in the theatre on May 24, 1995. This movie was commercially as well as critically successful, earning $75.6 million at the US box office and $210.4 million worldwide.

Director and co-producer of this film Mel Gibson portrayed the lead protagonist, Sir William Wallace, and Randall Wallace wrote the script for Braveheart.

Braveheart Then and Now

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The plot of this movie begins when King Edward I of England kills the bride of William Wallace a day after their marriage. Out of vengeance, William and his clan are ready to fight with King Edward I.

Braveheart was the winner of five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for Mel Gibson. In 2019, a spin-off sequel titled Robert the Bruce was released, and Angus Macfadyen reprised his character.

Braveheart 1995 Cast Then And Now 2022

Mel Gibson – played William Wallace

Sir William Wallace (Mel Gibson) is a Scottish knight who secretly marries his childhood buddy, Muron MacClannough. The main battle begins the day following their marriage when King Edward I murders her.

Mel Gibson Than and Now

Mel Gibson was 39 years old when he directed and portrayed the main character in the film Braveheart. He earned Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture; Cinema Writers Circle Awards for Best Foreign Film; and Golden Globe Awards for Best Director-Motion Picture.

American actor, film director, and producer Mel Gibson, 68, is mostly renowned for his roles in action movies like Mad Max and Lethal Weapon.

Due to some legal issues and controversial statements, Gibson’s public image fluctuated significantly, but for his amazing performances in Edge of Darkness and The Beaver, he again gained public applause.

Mel Gibson was the recipient of the People’s Choice Awards, ShoWest Awards, The Hollywood Reporter Innovator of the Year, and many more.

Sophie Marceau – played Isabella of France

The character Isabella of France was portrayed by Sophie Marceau at the age of 29.

Isabella was the queen of England and the wife of King Edward II. Isabella is sent to negotiate with William as a decoy for the arrival of another invading army in Scotland.

Sophie Marceau Than and Now

The French actress Sophie Marceau became immensely popular as a film star in Europe for films like Pacific Palisades, Fanfan, and Revenge of the Musketeers.

Sophie was one of the luckiest actresses who has appeared on more than 300 magazine covers, like Vogue, Elle, Tatler, Glamour, and many more.

Marceau is currently 55 years old and has won the Jupiter Award, the Goldene Kamera for Film International, and the Montreal World Film Festival Award.

Patrick McGoohan played King Edward “Longshanks”

Patrick McGoohan, 67, played the role of King Edward I, “Longshanks.” In the movie Braveheart, he plays the king of England.

King Edward is the main villain who brings about the ultimate demise of the main character, William Wallace.

Patrick McGoohan Than and Now

This English actress has been on both the big screen and the stage. Cathrin graduated from the Oxford School of Drama and has featured in films such as Dangerous Beauty (1998), Spy Game (2001), and 28 Weeks Later (2007).

She is currently 50 years old and lives in Richmond with her partner.

Patrick McGoohan didn’t confine his career only to acting, he was also a director, screenwriter, and producer of film and television.  Some of his notable works were Scanners, Kings and Desperate Men, A Time to Kill, and Hysteria.

Patrick won several accolades in his entire acting career including the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actor, and Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series.

McGoohan is no longer with us. He died on January 13, 2009, at the age of 80.

James Robinson – played Young William

James Robinson was only 10 years old when he played the character of young William in the film Braveheart.

In an interview, James shared: “We had such fun on set, and Mel was great with all the kids. We spent most of our free time playing football.”

James Robinson Than and Now

James Robinson is quite active on his Instagram page, where he posts his whereabouts to his audience. In 2013, he starred in a historical drama titled The Borgias.

In 2021, Jame’s most recent horror film, Suburban Fairytale, was released in theaters.

James Cosmo – played Campbell

James Cosmo played the character of the clan leader, Campbell, which eventually made him one of the country’s most renowned actors.

Cosmo shared his experience as a member of the cast of Braveheart, saying: “It was extraordinary. It was such a massive film at the time, and I felt very privileged to be telling an albeit dramatized version of Scottish history. I enjoyed it a great deal.

James Cosmo Than and Now

James Cosmo’s most well-known TV series and films were Trainspotting, Troy, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Sons of Anarchy, and many more.

He starred as Jeor Mormont in the popular TV series Games of Thrones for 12 episodes.

The Academy Award-Winning Epic Braveheart is an extraordinary film that sets a new bar for the war/history genre. The film has a strong cast that delivers extraordinary performances. Additionally, the battle sequences are remarkably gritty and violent. And music composer James Horner provides a sweeping and majestic score that’s incredibly powerful. A groundbreaking film, Braveheart does an exceptional job of showing both the valor and the horror of war.

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